Before and After Weight Loss

food tracking momma before and after weight loss pictures

I wanted to share my before and after weight loss pictures with you. This is my BEFORE picture. This was taken in 2007 when I was just under 200 pounds. Most people today don’t believe that I ever weighed that much, but I guess a picture doesn’t lie. It was the pictures from this trip that opened my eyes to my weight problem. I committed to losing weight by counting calories!

food tracking momma before and after weight loss pictures

This is my AFTER picture. I lost 70 pounds by taking my time (it took about 9 months) and slowly losing weight. I counted calories and tracked them by logging them into an electronic food diary. Over time I learned to increase my activity and make healthier food choices. For more information, please read How I Lost 70 Pounds by Counting Calories article.

Welcome to the Food Tracking Momma blog. I know counting calories and tracking them works for long-term weight loss. I lost the weight over 10 years ago and I have kept most of it off.

Join me as I share my experience and help you also learn to count calories and lose weight. Also, join my Losing Weight with Food Tracking Facebook page. Follow Me on Pinterest. Enjoy recipes that fit into a low-calorie lifestyle. You can lose weight. I’ll help you.

Sincerely, Andrea- The Food Tracking Momma

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