7 Reasons Moms Should Use Reusable Storage Bags

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Ziparoos Reusable Sandwich Bags Set

This post is going to explore seven reasons why all moms should be using reusable food storage bags- and specifically the Ziparoos Reusable Bags set found on Amazon. For full disclosure, Simple Home Gifts is the parent company of the Food Tracking Momma and the Ziparoos brand. But I’m not just affiliated with this product, I am a mom who loves these bags!

When a friend told me about reusable food bags, I wanted to try out the product. Six months ago I started using reusable bags and my whole family loves them! Now I can’t get enough of the Ziparoos bags! Let me share seven reason why you will love these bags also.

Food Tracking Momma 7 Reasons to Use Reusable Storage Bags

They are Good for the Environment

As a mom of a three-year-old toddler, being eco-friendly is important to me. I am far from a person who would take a political approach on environmental issues, but I believe that God has given all of us a gift of the Earth and we should take care of that gift.

Reusable sandwich bags help lower my family’s plastic waste. This is important since I use food storage bags every day. I can’t even imagine how many bags I have thrown away in my lifetime. Those Ziploc bags aren’t biodegradable. They are plastic and I’m certain they are just filling up a landfill with unnecessary waste.

By using reusable bags, I no longer need the plastic one-time use bags. I can use the reusable bags over and over, thus reducing my family’s waste. It’s a small change that is good for the environment, and it’s something I can do to help make this world slightly better for the next generation.

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Reusable Bags Save Money

As a mom, I love to save money. Using Ziploc bags every day is a waste of money. Every time you throw that bag in the trashcan, you throw money away. Say you use one box of sandwich bags and one box of snack bags a month. You are probably spending around $6 a month on those products. In a year, you have spent $72 on food storage bags that are now in the trashcan.

The Ziparoos Reusable Bags are priced around $15. If you purchase just one set and use that for a year, you have potentially saved your family $57 for the year. How’s that for a return of investment?

Saves calories

OK, I am the Food Tracking Momma, and it would be remiss of me not to bring up this very valid reason for using reusable food storage bags. They encourage you to pack your lunch! There is no doubt that making your lunch helps you control portion sizes and the calories in the food you eat while on the go.

When I track my lunch after eating at a restaurant, it is not uncommon to log anywhere between 600-1000 calories for that meal alone. But when I pack my lunch, I almost always can keep the calories between 400-500 for that meal. Restaurants are liberal with fatty/high calorie ingredients and therefore the meals are so caloric. Avoid eating lunch out and pack your lunch. Your budget and your daily calories will thank you.

The Generosity of Ziparoos

For me, brands and the company behind the brand matters. Especially for national brands, the company will influence my buying decision regarding a product.

Simple Home Gifts is a small, mom-owned business. The company has a value of giving 10% of its profits to non-profit charities. This matters to me in that I know my purchase will eventually bless those who have less than I do.  

Ziparoos Keep Food Fresh

There is a problem with some reusable food storage bags- they don’t keep food fresh. Not so with the Ziparoos Reusable Bags. The difference is the seal at the top of the bag. Some bags have a removable slider (which my toddler would lose in one day) and often those types of bags don’t seal well and don’t keep food fresh. The same is true with the bags that are made of cloth.

The Ziparoos bags has a built-in double-lock seal that is made for freshness. The food stays fresh and the seal is so good, you can even store liquids in the bags. If there was one negative to write about, it’s that you need to handwash these bags. This is to preserve the double-lock seal. For me, taking 30 seconds to wash a bag, dry it, and put it away is no big deal, especially when compared to the many reasons to use a reusable food storage bag.

Multi-functional Uses

When I first started to use my Ziparoos bags, I mainly used them for sandwiches and snacks. Then I started using them for other food items. I have put pie dough in them to store in the freezer. I have used them to store leftovers. Well, you get the idea.

But the bags are so useful for much more than food storage! My first day with the bags, I was rushing out the door with my son for an hour-long car ride. I grabbed a handful of his miniature cars and threw them in a bag. He loved it and now I pack a quick “go” bag whenever we are out and I need a quick distraction for him.

I could go on and on, but let me relay two more great uses. First, travel makeup storage! It is so nice to have a little bag for just those essentials for a quick touch-up of makeup. These reasons alone are enough for me to buy these bags. Second, if you are notorious for losing your keys and cellphone, keep both in a bag in your purse, and you will not be near as prone to losing these items. The uses are endless. Medicine? Sure. Band aids? You bet. You get the idea!

Cute/Kid Friendly

When I first started using reusable bags, the six reasons above were enough to convince me as a mom to use this product. But when I started looking on Amazon, most of the bags that were there were… well, plain. A few had images, but they just weren’t cute and many of those were made of cloth. Cloth bags are not going to keep my food fresh or be leak-proof.

Enter the Ziparoos Reusable Bags! The bags are so cute and my son loves them. One theme is nautical and my son has picked the anchors bag as his favorite. How often are items kid-friendly but rather silly for an adult to use? Do you really want to pack your sandwich for work with a dinosaur bag? The Ziparoos bags are designed for kids to love them and adults to be able to keep their dignity when using them also.

Thanks for letting me share with you some of the reasons I use the Ziparoos Reusable Bags. I hope you will love them as much as I do. Now, speaking of sandwiches, my son is hungry and it’s lunch time. Time for this momma to get back to mom duties.

Blessings! Andrea

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