New You Challenge for the New Year

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The new year is such a great time to commit to new beginnings! Some people discourage making New Year’s resolutions, but I encourage you to consider a new way, a new habit, a new healthier lifestyle that will lead to a healthier, new you. For this New You challenge, I would like you to join me this New Year in learning ways to lose weight and become a healthier person.

New You challenge to lose weight this New Year by counting calories and logging them in a food diary

If you are new to my blog, you may want to read How I Lost 70 Pounds Counting Calories to learn a little bit about me. Also visit my About Me page to see what I looked like before I lost weight by counting and logging my calories. My goal is to help you successfully lose weight and become a healthier person.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions and then break them? Then I want you to commit to this challenge for the month of January. You can do it! My challenge to you is to commit to tracking and logging your food (and drinks) and staying under your recommended daily calories.

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Will accepting this challenge really help you lose weight? If you saw my logo at the top of the page, you noticed that I am the Food Tracking Momma. I am a proponent of counting calories and logging them into a food diary app to help you lose weight. Below are some reasons I recommend food tracking:

Why Count Calories and Log Them in a Food Diary?

  1. It works! I lost 70 pounds counting calories. It’s a slow and steady weight loss that often leads to 1-2 pounds lost a week.
  2. You commit to the daily task of managing your weight and your food intake.
  3. It takes very little time. It takes me less than five minutes a day to track after I eat. How long do you spend on social media? Or watching TV? I’m asking you to commit a very small amount of time to meet this challenge.
  4. It’s not hard. If you are new to food tracking, set your goal calories to lose one pound a week (more on this later). This way you will get the maximum number of calories a day yet still start to lose weight.

If you take up this challenge, you might just learn a new way to lose weight. This IS NOT a diet. You can eat whatever you want, just keep it within your calories. I know you can do this. And maybe you will learn how to eat healthier in the process, and learn how exercising will help increase the number of calories you burn in a day. You will learn to be a healthier person.

So, I am challenging you! Will you count your calories and track your food/liquid intake throughout January? Oh, and by the way, this method is free.

How to lose weight with food tracking

  1. Weigh Yourself- This is one of the hardest steps. But it’s critical to know where you are starting, and you will be able to watch the weight begin to slowly decrease (1-2 pounds at a time). This is the scale I use and recommend.
  2. Choose an electronic food diary app– Choose a food diary app to log your food and help you keep track of your daily calories. There are many good ones to choose from but here are a few suggestions:,, and
  3. Calculate your daily calories– Each app will have a way for you to calculate how many calories you can eat in a day to lose 1-2 pounds a week. This is your calorie goal (Recommended Daily Intake- RDI) for each day.
  4. Track and Log Calories– If you eat it, log it. If you drink a caloric drink, log it. The goal is to eat up to your calorie goal without going over. In order to help with accuracy, I recommend a digital food scale.

Strategies to help you be successful

  1. Keep things in perspective– Life is bigger than our weight. Keep things in perspective. Don’t worry about food. That’s why you track. You won’t have to worry about it because it’s logged. Concentrate on family, friends, and the important things in life.
  2. Be realistic– If this is your first time counting calories and logging them, then give yourself a learning curve. Give yourself the goal to track for the first week and then weigh yourself. Adjust your daily calorie goal as needed until you are successful losing 1-2 pounds a week.
  3. Go slow– this is not a ‘lose 10 pounds in one week’ diet. Give yourself permission to go slow. There are things to rush, but lasting weight loss should never be rushed.
  4. Increase activity– I don’t exercise that much, but I do chase a toddler around most of the day and that helps keeps me active. Remember, any increase in activity helps. ANYTHING. Any extra calories burned will help you lose weight. I wear a pedometer to help keep track of my steps but I’ve also used FitBit.
  5. Don’t drink your calories– I recommend you do not drink your calories. Liquid calories are often hidden sources of weight gain. I recommend you increase your water intake. I carry around a water bottle everywhere I go.

For more strategies, please read 17 Healthy Habits to Successfully Lose Weight.

Find support for this New You challenge

Don’t try to do this alone. Find yourself a support system. Let your friends know that you have accepted this challenge. Share this challenge on Facebook and have some friends join you! I recommend you CLICK HERE to subscribe to this blog and let me help you live life more healthy and abundantly (John 10:10). You will receive the FREE eBook LOSING WEIGHT WITH FOOD TRACKING.

Free eBook Losing Weight with Food Tracking

Follow me on Pinterest. And join my Lose Weight with Food Tracking Facebook group. I will be on there to give you support during this challenge.

You can do this! I have committed to this challenge. Now who is with me? Please comment and let me know if you commit.

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