Don’t Quit- Even When You are Out of Calories

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I almost quit. It was the end of the day and I was tired from getting the house prepared to host a large Christmas gathering. After my last guests had left, my husband and I put our toddler to bed and then started the task of cleaning up the mess. When we finally finished, we rested on the couch and I started tracking my calories and logging the party food.

I had gone over my calories for the day. Right when I was going to close my food diary app, I remembered a party sandwich (high-calorie, of course) that I had not tracked. But now, after remembering, I simply didn’t want to track it. In my mind, I just wanted to quit for the day and start fresh tomorrow. Finally, I logged the sandwich, observed my now 2,000+ calorie day (my daily calorie goal is 1500 calories) and went to bed.

Don't quit logging food calories

Why finish food tracking if I’m already over calories?

I’ve sat here and pondered why I finished tracking that night. And why I want to encourage you to always finish tracking your calories, even if you have already gone over your daily calorie goal. There were several reasons that motivated me to finish tracking. These reasons include hope (that I will be successful losing weight), commitment (I promised myself and my friends that I would do this), and accountability (if I eat or drink it, I count it).

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I have hope that this method of logging calories will work to help me slowly and steadily lose weight. I’ve lost 70 pounds before, I know I can lose these 20 pounds now. Recently, I saw an interesting meme on the Internet. It said, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for later.” That is why I finished tracking my calories. I know I am losing weight. This method of counting calories works and I am on track to lose 1-2 pounds a week. I believe (hope) that I will achieve my goal weight and that my body will feel better if it does not have to carry the extra pounds.

It’s funny that I’m writing about hope today. We have entered the Christmas Advent season and this week we focused on the Hope of God coming as man. How long did Israel hope for their Messiah? It’s Jesus’ birth that gives Christians hope. Hope is a necessary part of life. Without hope, we will never flourish.

I want you to have hope. Do you have hope? Will you believe that you can have a long-lasting weight loss? Do you believe that you can do this? I BELIEVE and have HOPE for you!!! I know this works. Minus serious medical issues, you can lose weight by eating less calories than you burn. And the lifestyle changes you make can have long-term impacts on your overall weight control.


Another reason I didn’t quit tracking last night is commitment. I have committed to the Christmas Weight Loss Challenge. I have told my friends that I am going to track my calories through the holiday season. Well, my word matters to me. And I want to be able to report back to my friends that I did indeed keep this commitment. I realize in the spectrum of life, it’s a small thing. But it was enough for me to finish tracking.

Oh, and I was motivated by the thought that I didn’t want to write a blog post titled, “How I’m a Quitter.” LOL

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I’ve mentioned the commitment and keeping that commitment with friends and those who support you. But I have failed to mention the most important person you should commit to following through on these lifestyle changes. I want you to commit to YOU that you will not quit. You will finish tracking daily even if you have already exceeded your daily calories. Your future self will thank you.


I’m glad I didn’t quit even though I was already over my daily calorie goal. I know part of losing weight is being accountable for what I eat. That’s not easy. I want to mindlessly snack in front of the TV just like anyone else. But that doesn’t work for me and that is how I gain weight. If I eat it, then I’m going to log it. And I’m going to be accountable for what I eat.

Would it have been “bad” if I had not tracked the rest of my calories? Of course not. My initial thought was correct. Tomorrow is a new day which affords me a fresh start. I will not beat myself up. No way. Not over calories. I am making slow, long-term changes. I hope you are too. So, if you are reading this and you find yourself not finishing, don’t beat yourself up. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. The world desperately needs more kindness.

So today I am writing this and finishing up at the end of the day. I went over again today. By 53 calories. And that’s OK. This is a process, and this is a lifestyle change. Focus on the long-term goals. Focus on the hope of your healthier self, your commitment to yourself and others that you will do this, and the accountability that you will log what you eat. And never, ever quit.


Andrea- the Food Tracking Momma

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