Hello From the Food Tracking Momma

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Hello! I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself and to welcome you to the Food Tracking Momma blog site. My name is Andrea and I am a wife, a mother, and a person that has lost 70 pounds by counting calories and logging my food. This process is called “food tracking”. I wanted to share my experiences of losing weight and how, after 13 years, I have managed to keep most of it off . I am excited to introduce this food tracking blog for losing weight. This blog will feature Lifestyle posts that highlight how to effectively lose weight by using the Food Tracking method. There will be recipe posts that feature both family and kid-friendly recipes that will always be under 500 calories a serving. The site will also include meal plans that will feature meals that fit into a 1500 calorie day.

Who is the Food Tracking Momma?

I am a Christian and a Pastor’s wife and my faith is part of who I am. When I blog, you can expect that I will share my faith. Part of how I lost weight was not just the mechanics of food tracking but understanding that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).

I am the co-owner and a managing partner of Simple Home Goods, LLC. Our business is a mom-owned, e-commerce small business. We are committed to improving the lives of individuals and families through products that will help them solve everyday problems. Our company is based on the values of honesty, integrity and hard work. We believe that every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17).

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What is Food Tracking?

What is “food tracking?” Food tracking is a method of counting calories. It encourages a person to become accountable to all things that he or she eats and drinks. This is not a diet. I would never have been successful if it were a diet. This is a method to become accountable about what you eat. It’s your life and body. Food doesn’t control you. Food tracking uses several tools to help the process. You will often use a food scale, a body scale, and a food diary. I will write more about all of the tools in a later blog.

Let me help you in your weight loss journey. I want to share my experiences and give you practical advice on how to track your food. This blog will give you recipes that you can enjoy and then track without blowing your calories for that meal. I want to share my meal plans and how I live comfortably within 1500 calories a day. You can live and flourish under your recommended calories.

As I write this blog, I am sitting at my computer and excited to share this information with you. Today is a rare, quiet day. My son is a full-of-energy toddler! He is currently my exercise program. I live in a three-story house and I go up and down the stairs no less than 10 times per day! And just following him around keeps me on the go. But once a week he attends daycare and so I get to sit down and write to you.

So today is an easy day for me as a food tracker. I don’t have a hungry toddler asking me, every hour, for a snack. My husband is not here snacking either! I have plenty of time to open my food app (I use FatSecret) and leisurely track my calories. But most days are not like today.

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As I said above, I lost 70 pounds using this method. I kept that weight off for 10 years. I quit tracking about three years ago and have now gained back about 20 pounds (not really that bad). But it gave me the incentive to start tracking again. And to start this blog so that I can help others lose weight using this method. I’ve been back to tracking for two weeks and have lost two pounds (my goal is to lose 1-2 pounds a week).

When you subscribe to my blog, I will send you a free newsletter once a month. And I will also share with you my “10 Ways to Lose Weight with Food Tracking During the Holidays”. It is possible to successfully lose weight even during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you to join my Facebook group, Losing Weight with Food Tracking. You will get encouragement, ideas, and join like-minded people who are using this method to lose weight. I am in the group also and so I can also help encourage you. Don’t try to lose weight without a support system. Let us help you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Now it’s time for me to go and clean the house before the husband and toddler come home. There’s a positive to cleaning. I’m up and burning calories (no I don’t track the calories spent scrubbing toilets!) Have a great day!

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